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Hi. I’m Bob.  I’m an auto body and collision specialist, and founder of EURO Collision Center located in Littleton, Colorado (right on the edge of Highlands Ranch).

For more than thirty years, I fixed over 45,000 damaged automobiles, many the result of collisions. This blog exists to share with you what makes performance “autos” special experiences, offer points to maintain continued quality, and what to keep in mind if your vehicle gets damaged to return it back to stellar form. I hope you will share your thoughts along the way.

I started out fixing auto bodies in a garage to earn a living and fund an education. At the time automobiles were not as connected, and more mechanical than computerized.

Today, vehicles are vastly more complex with electronic controllers, sensors, automated systems, a communication network and cameras. Even the auto body has transformed using advanced materials of high-strength steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and magnesium composites to reduce load and weight.

Auto innovation has expanded a vehicle’s drive performance, stability, safety and comfort exponentially.

But what has not changed is the need to preserve the integrity of a vehicle and bring back a model (after damage) to an auto maker’s original creation, down to each detail. Not only does this protect your investment, it guarantees your mobility and reliability in your vehicle.

Along the way in auto body repair, an area that developed interest for me was in collision repair. The consequences of kinetic force on a vehicle affects structural stability, durability and its capability to provide control. It’s critical to resolve these effects caused by an accident, and they should be a priority in any repair.

I founded EURO Collision to help provide integral auto body and collision repair to vehicles after collision or physical damage. Integral repair focuses on complete body, component and system repair to provide optimized performance on all levels.

Most my professional experience has been in luxury performance vehicle repair, many of which are the essence of the highest–quality of automotive design and engineering, such as Audi AG, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz. And it’s this emphasis on performance that I apply to all global car manufacturers and their makes and models serviced at EURO Collision.

Hope you discover this information beneficial to keeping your vehicle the best it can be.

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