What’s in a Namesake?

With a name like “EURO Collision,” the obvious assumption would be that we specialize in the collision repair of European cars.

Silver handle on the door of sports car.

And yes, we do. This auto body shop is founded on a dedication to world-renowned automotive design and engineering, mastered in brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and Bentley. Vehicle models of this distinction and quality represent the most advanced automotive innovation and technologies in the market.  We believe in this level-up leadership, and have committed our standard of auto body and collision repair to restoring the best.

A Model of Excellence

“EURO” represents a paradigm, not a limitation. Vehicles are more than smart-cars with network connectivity. Autos are platforms of technology gaining in capability to optimize their own performance and maintenance. From navigation to steering to collision and hazard avoidance, automotive design is rapidly innovating on many autonomous levels. As technology advances forward, the first tier of its application is in advanced performance vehicles, many of which are leading-edge European brands. This by no means limited to European brands as technology transcends geolocations, but these auto makers play a lead role.

When we perform the restoration of an auto body and the repair of collision damage, our specialists use the applied knowledge we learn from these leading auto designers and engineers to rebuild a vehicle structurally, functionally and with optimum safety. This includes how we approach the recreation of drive performance, comfort and visual aesthetics of form.

Automatic transmission gear shift.
Automatic transmission gear shift.

EURO is a model of excellence that translates to all global automobiles, as the line between foreign and domestic models is blurred.

A Namesake for Word-Class

So, what’s in namesake? A promise to give attention to your vehicle, its specific design model and the technologies that make it more than a machine; your freedom of movement. Yes, we believe in a body of work that is focused and far-reaching upon world-class automotive design and engineering. If you’re going to recreate a vehicle, why not do it with the best methods and architecture in the industry?

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