Removing the Inconvenience

direct-assistance coordinating auto body repair

We come to rely on our car being there for us anytime we need to move around. Which is all the more reason it’s so inconvenient when a fender bender occurs or the other driver changes lanes and never sees our vehicle.

Deciding How to Handle It

Frustration is not having your vehicle available to use. The inconvenience piles on…whether it’s having it towed, or even knowing whether it’s safe to drive without doing further damage. Should you call your insurance and put in motion a claim, or pay it out right? Does it fall under my comprehensive coverage because the car was parked and side-swiped, or does the other driver’s collision cover the damages? Who covers the cost of the damage and to what limits?

If this weren’t enough, there’s the insurance adjuster estimate, the body shop analysis of damage and repair costs, and the determination of whether the damage exceeds the current value of your vehicle or limited by a pre-existing condition. Once you figure out the policy coverage, and what will get fixed to correct the situation, you finally get your rental car.

Direct-Assistance Collision Repair

So when you hear “direct-assistance,” know that this service addresses the bigger picture of all the ancillary factors that affect your repair, from collaboration between an insurance and an auto body shop to giving the full options to consider if you cover it yourself.

Within the scope of your repair, not only is damage fully assessed and explained, but repair for complete restoration is determined as well as any policy thresholds so you understand the financial costs. Direct-assistance is about guidance during a repair process to protect your best interest, investment and safety.

Getting a car fixed is not just about the physicality of resolving problems with an auto body, straightening a frame or refinishing the paint. The repair experience is as critical as the repair itself.

Navigating the Repair Process

The time spent getting action on your repair and navigating the process, much less testing and reviewing the final work is invaluable.

It really matters when someone understands how important that everyday car is, and that not having it available when you want to carry on your life is not a small thing.

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