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When your vehicle has damage, how many estimates do you need? Shopping around for estimates might seem like a smart strategy to get the best price on a repair. It may also be wise to go with the insurance adjuster preliminary estimate. What you may not realize is that in an effort toward cost containment (by insurance companies), repair time sequences and costs are fairly standardized between auto body shops and collision… Read More

We come to rely on our car being there for us anytime we need to move around. Which is all the more reason it’s so inconvenient when a fender bender occurs or the other driver changes lanes and never sees our vehicle. Deciding How to Handle It Frustration is not having your vehicle available to use. The inconvenience piles on…whether it’s having it towed, or even knowing whether it’s safe to drive… Read More

When Ford introduced the F-150 truck with a high-strength, aluminum alloy body, light-weight materials became a game changer. The vehicle maker’s move to aluminum saved over 700 lbs., creating greater fuel efficiency by reducing weight. The shift in auto body materials also affected auto body repair. Reforming Aluminum and Holding Strength Aluminum, as well as other materials like magnesium, carbon fiber and high-strength steel, are being used in auto manufacturing too balance… Read More

The hard part about hail damage is that it’s nearly impossible to avoid while you’re driving. Most hail hits hard on open surfaces such as your car’s hood, roof and trunk surfaces with a multitude of dents. The good news is that it can be fixed, in most cases. The good news is that hail damage can be fixed, in most cases. Much depends upon its severity. Repairing Hail Damage with Paintless… Read More