What’s in a Namesake?

With a name like “EURO Collision,” the obvious assumption would be that we specialize in the collision repair of European cars.

Silver handle on the door of sports car.

And yes, we do. This auto body shop is founded on a dedication to world-renowned automotive design and engineering, mastered in brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and Bentley. Vehicle models of this distinction and quality represent the most advanced automotive innovation and technologies in the market.  We believe in this level-up leadership, and have committed our standard of auto body and collision repair to restoring the best.

A Model of Excellence

“EURO” represents a paradigm, not a limitation. Vehicles are more than smart-cars with network connectivity. Autos are platforms of technology gaining in capability to optimize their own performance and maintenance. From navigation to steering to collision and hazard avoidance, automotive design is rapidly innovating on many autonomous levels. As technology advances forward, the first tier of its application is in advanced performance vehicles, many of which are leading-edge European brands. This by no means limited to European brands as technology transcends geolocations, but these auto makers play a lead role.

When we perform the restoration of an auto body and the repair of collision damage, our specialists use the applied knowledge we learn from these leading auto designers and engineers to rebuild a vehicle structurally, functionally and with optimum safety. This includes how we approach the recreation of drive performance, comfort and visual aesthetics of form.

Automatic transmission gear shift.
Automatic transmission gear shift.

EURO is a model of excellence that translates to all global automobiles, as the line between foreign and domestic models is blurred.

A Namesake for Word-Class

So, what’s in namesake? A promise to give attention to your vehicle, its specific design model and the technologies that make it more than a machine; your freedom of movement. Yes, we believe in a body of work that is focused and far-reaching upon world-class automotive design and engineering. If you’re going to recreate a vehicle, why not do it with the best methods and architecture in the industry?

Vehicle bumper design in minor collision impacts

Most of us would probably think a bumper would withstand a 5 mph impact without damage. At one time, 5 mph and zero-damage allowance was a benchmark in the auto industry. The zero damage was not really “no” damage, but a federal requirement of no more than a 3/8” dent and a ¾” displacement of the bumper using the 5 mph threshold of impact.

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Crumple Zones that absorb collision force

That’s a question that Austrian engineer, Béla Barényi took quite seriously back in 1937 when contemplating how to control crash energy. The prevailing belief was that a safe auto should be rigid to protect its passengers.

Car Crashed after Accident

Barényi countered this notion with a new idea to divide a car body into three sections: a rigid non-deforming passenger compartment and front and rear compartments that would quite literally crumple on impact.

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Maintaining Your Suspension System for Drivability

A suspension system is the sum of all its parts: shocks, springs, wheels, tires, joints and steering system – all meant to suspend a vehicle above the road and assist in its drivability.

So why is it critical to understand suspension damage before driving off after a collision? Impact, even seemingly minor fender-benders, can cause a vehicle to sustain front or rear suspension damage. The consequences may produce diminished vehicle height, swaying and hard to control steering and braking. Here are some issues to be aware of:

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Bumper color match

At first glance you might think a different color formula was used to paint your bumper and trim. The color is just slightly off and not an exact match.

With a brand new vehicle, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bumpers often do not exactly match the rest of the vehicle due to variants with paint finishes.

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Color matching vehicle paint finish

Even with a prime formulation direct from an auto manufacturer, there are subtle color variations in factory-applied color to vehicles, making color identification for refinishing critical to a good result.

Variant Color

Paint technology involves understanding of differentiated brand colors, pigments used and information on production variants. For example, a brand manufacturer may create a distinctive rich blue color with a fine bright aluminum to produce a seamless liquid appearance. The pigment can change appearance dependent upon the materials incorporated into it, as well as the surface it is applied to.

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Beyond Speed

High performance is vehicle design and construction specifically meant to deliver speed, power and stealth quickness. But sports cars and exotic models like Ferraris are not the only models to deliver on performance; in fact, this quality translates to higher standards for more models.

High performance vehicle design

Luxury performance vehicles, from sedans to game changing SUVs, even models in the range of $20,000 and more, are reaching beyond the force of thrust to extraordinary style and exceptional handling.

What is high performance?

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"Insurance claim form, expert at work"

When your vehicle has damage, how many estimates do you need? Shopping around for estimates might seem like a smart strategy to get the best price on a repair. It may also be wise to go with the insurance adjuster preliminary estimate.

What you may not realize is that in an effort toward cost containment (by insurance companies), repair time sequences and costs are fairly standardized between auto body shops and collision centers.

Differentiating Factors

There are some differentiation between types of facilities and specializations. Often, these variances are due to higher operating costs for expertise, equipment and advanced technologies. As example, a shop specializing in aluminum auto body repair requires specialized filtration equipment and precision aluminum welders, not just steel welders. A collision center focused on hybrid/electric vehicles needs specialists in automotive electrical repairs and batteries.

Another consideration in estimates, is the inclusion of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) direct replacement parts versus aftermarket parts, which are parts not sourced from the vehicle maker. Aftermarket parts may be less expensive, but can possibly void your warranty.

Get One Good, Reasonable Estimate

But what often gets lost in the focus toward estimates is that price is not the only point. An estimate needs to be fair and reasonable, and it should also address the total damage to a vehicle. Not all shops spend adequate time diagnosing damage, nor have the expertise to evaluate specific forms of damage. Structural impairment and automated system repairs are not visible and require knowledge of exacting tolerances and calibrations.

Bottom line, it is your decision and yours alone to decide what estimate to choose. You need only one estimate; one that is reasonable and thorough in damage assessment with an expert in performing the repair.

direct-assistance coordinating auto body repair

We come to rely on our car being there for us anytime we need to move around. Which is all the more reason it’s so inconvenient when a fender bender occurs or the other driver changes lanes and never sees our vehicle.

Deciding How to Handle It

Frustration is not having your vehicle available to use. The inconvenience piles on…whether it’s having it towed, or even knowing whether it’s safe to drive without doing further damage. Should you call your insurance and put in motion a claim, or pay it out right? Does it fall under my comprehensive coverage because the car was parked and side-swiped, or does the other driver’s collision cover the damages? Who covers the cost of the damage and to what limits?

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When Ford introduced the F-150 truck with a high-strength, aluminum alloy body, light-weight materials became a game changer. The vehicle maker’s move to aluminum saved over 700 lbs., creating greater fuel efficiency by reducing weight. The shift in auto body materials also affected auto body repair.

Automobile manufacturing of aluminum auto body

Reforming Aluminum and Holding Strength

Aluminum, as well as other materials like magnesium, carbon fiber and high-strength steel, are being used in auto manufacturing too balance strength and durability with weight for fuel efficiency. But with this advance, be it full or partial auto body construction, materials like aluminum require specific expertise and skill in handling.

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